John Peel: "The best record in the world this week…"

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Excerpt from Bloody (featured on Vaultage 79)

I wanna go where they've never seen snow
send my giro to Cairo
I can't stand another day, I gotta get away
I'm not impressed, my life's in a mess
I get so depressed
still you've gotta have a laugh, ha ha ha ha

what am I bloodywell supposed to do
got my bloodywell self bloody stuck on you

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John Peel on Bloody

"Well this is the best record in the world for this week, from the Golinski Brothers on the LP Vaultage 79 on Attrix Records, this is called Bloody…

…people have been given the OBE for less, a lot less, and I shall be very happy to have it on a loop so I could listen to it again and again and again after the programme, as I drive out to the mountain vastness of Wallington…"
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John Peel runs his eye over Nick Hornby's 31 Songs

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...The feted author of High Fidelity and About a Boy is unusual, I think, in considering all of a song lyric rather than fragments. This is due, in part at least, to what he describes as his need to 'solve' songs; to, as it were, wrestle them to the ground, consider them in detail, extract from them their core meanings and by so doing achieve some sort of completion.

I'm not with him on this. Not at all. Two of the records that would be under consideration for a place on any comparable list I might make would be the Golinski Brothers' 'Bloody' and Roy Buchanan's version of 'Lonesome Fugitive', but I've never seriously attempted in-depth analysis of these songs as songs.

For me, it is enough that the Golinski Brothers' obscure but, trust me, unforgettable record includes the lines: 'Still you gotta have a laugh [pause] ha ha ha ha' and: 'Send my Giro to Cairo', and 'Fugitive' the couplet: 'I raised a lotta cane back in my younger days. My momma used to pray my crops would fail.' I mean, come on. Beat that.

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